August 28, 2013

(a)muse(d) // Zara vs. Thrift

It must have been the beginning of summer 2012 when I found these braided flatforms at my favorite thrift shop that is just around the corner. I hadn't seen anything like it before and the price of 2€ was unbeatable. 
They are from an italian brand I don't know. As much as I like flatforms I prefer them to still be somewhat sleek and not too chunky. The whole Adams Family look is really not mine. That's why I loved these even more. The other day when I was browsing the Zara Online Store I couldn't believe my eyes.
A slightly different version of my braided flatforms up on the site.
So if you are not as lucky as me go and get Zara beautys. You will still wear them next summer because they are so essential and chic.

xo, Bu

August 26, 2013

self // mid 20s blues.

Is there such a thing as a mid 20s blues/crisis?
I am slowly but surely reaching my very mid 20s and it seems to trigger a feeling that has been unknown to my system so far. I am much more thoughtful than usual and the future seems to take up most of my thoughts. It does feel good to release my mind from daily things and take time to reflect what I really want.
But it can get a little scary at the same time. A song I have been listening to for weeks now is 'The Blood' by Sufjan Stevens. The mood it creates fits so perfectly with mine.

xo, Bu

August 23, 2013

self // Summer Favorites.

1.) Necklace / Boutique 8€
2.) Vintage Ray Ban Olympian III (80s) 159€
3.) Vintage Purse / Flea Market 3€
4.) Zara Sandals 30€
5.) Monki Shirt 15€
6.) Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance / Gaultier ² 55€

xo, Bu

August 07, 2013

words // No title.

Not knowing why.
Your busy mind.
Not used to waiting.
Turning fool.
Intensity (straight)
Loosing your focus.
Having only one left.
Not knowing why.

Burcin Hanife.